Best Value For Money Advertising in the UK

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Best Value For Money Advertising in the UK

Best Value For Money Advertising in the UK

It has to said that these days there are some many ways to advertise, you can choose from email to owning your own website, not forgetting the more traditional ways like paper-back directories or flyers and in the main there is always a cost somewhere for most of these.

Lets look at email first:

When someone contacts you by email most clients or programs will collect emails addresses as you reply to them, which is fine if you want to blindly email all your contacts but if you take time to create groups for different types of contacts then you can safely email a particular group that you think may be interested in a particular promo because they have already bought something connected to the product or have inquired about something connected to your promo product.

It all seems very logical but the majority of folks don’t think its important until someone says why don’t you send a newsletter out by email and what you do is send it to all of your address book, if you haven’t sorted your address book it will go out to everyone from some travel firm you booked your holiday to the VAT man ! trust me many many folks do this and in the process upset most of your contacts simply because the email was junk to them, they may do the nice thing and click on a link that you have provided of course to unsubscribe but they also very likely to tell their email client that you are junk, this will mean the next time you email them it will go straight to the junk folder and will not be seen in the inbox let alone read, but even worse than that if your customer’s email client provides feedback then your email address may even get black listed and that could mean all your email contacts who are as an example using Hotmail will have your email sent straight to the junk mail folder.

So assuming you have sorted your emails into groups then you are ready to send a news letter out, you can of course use one of the free accounts but these are very prone to being blocked although you wouldn’t know it with the amount of spam email out there, the best is not always free to setup so the amount of contacts you have play a big part in how you send out your newsletter.

Ways to email:

Free account good for a couple of hundred any more and then the server is likely to block it if they are sent all at once.

Outlook Express, Thunderbird etc.. usual good for a few hundred but also very dependent on server hosting of the email domain not blocking your emails because they think you are sending out spam.

Send-blaster is one of many email clients that allow you to setup the interval between each email, this if setup right will allow you to send out thousands of emails, clients that are any good usually are not free but having said that they generally do not cost too much though so for a small investment you can send out a professional news letter using in built templates or by designing your own if you like and these clients have features like scheduling so no need to interrupt your time off just send out emails and tracking so you can check who has opened your emails and how many times even in some cases, these kind of stats can be useful for sending out follow up newsletters only to the recipients that showed interest, further reducing the chance of being labeled as spam.

Online Email Systems quite often have a tester account that will allow you to send out a small amount of emails but if you want to send out lots and regularly then its a cost that could rack up over the course of a year, it really depends on your budget or how much you want to take on yourself because if you do it in house using an email newsletter client then the only cost is your time and you are going to be creating the content for a newsletter anyway so that is going to minimal.

Email Lists:

Are a mine field because picking the right one can be very difficult due to not knowing how old the list is ( anything over twelve months old could have very few active emails in it) and how it was collected, sending out unsolicited emails is usually classed as spam and in some countries like the USA they prosecute for such practices, I wouldn’t say don’t buy these lists but be very wary because a dead email list is dead money and it might be money better spent on a promo flyer or draw for a prize that you stock attached to eligibility only if they give you their email address and agree to receiving a newsletter, this will help you create a legal and active contacts list and they will all know who you are and are interested in your products or services, increasing the chance of  conversion to a sale substantially.


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